About InfraMed

InfraMed is the first dedicated Breast Thermography company in the Philippines, utilising the latest Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) technology. The potential of DITI to detect breast disease was first discovered in the 1970s and the enormous advances in technology and computer analysis, in the recent past, have demonstrated the effectiveness of DITI for identifying potential problems much earlier than previously possible. DITI has also proven to be very successful in younger women and those with dense breast tissue or implants, where traditional screening methods are not so effective.

With the Philippines having the highest rate of breast cancer in Asia, our goal is to educate Filipinos about the benefits of early detection of breast disease and cancer risk. Several established procedures namely, mammography, ultrasound and self/doctor examination, are available but there is no single test that is 100% effective. When used in conjunction with other breast screening methods, eg mammography, InfraMed's thermographic analysis increases the overall accuracy of cancer detection to > 95%.

InfraMed is a certified member of the International Academy of Clinical Thermology (IACT), the leading association for the training and advancement of clinical thermography with an extensive membership throughout the USA and Canada. Analysis and interpretation of the examinations performed by InfraMed are done by one of the leading members of IACT, Dr Robert Kane, guaranteeing that  the service provided by InfraMed is the best available anywhere.

InfraMed is pioneered by people with a vision to provide Filipinos with a valuable tool in the fight against breast disease. Our centers have professional and highly-trained staff to help make the patients’ thermography experience as comfortable and as easy as possible. The InfraMed team includes doctors and medical professionals with a total of over 60 years experience in the field.