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InfraMed is a company dedicated to providing doctors and individuals with one of the latest diagnostic tools - Thermography. Thermography uses digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) to map tiny variations in temperature over the body which, like taking your temperature, can indicate underlying pathological problems. Thermography has proven to be particularly effective in helping to pinpoint the earliest signs of breast cancer.

To ensure the highest level of service, InfraMed uses the latest, top-of-the-range, medical infrared camera and software. The patient scans are transmitted to our IACT certified doctor in the US, who has over 20 years’ thermographic experience, for analysis and interpretation. The final report is then sent to the patient within 7 days of the imaging appointment.

What Do InfraMed & Thermography Offer Me?

With the Philippines having the highest incidence of breast cancer in Asia along with it being the second highest cause of fatality amongst women (ahead of any other type of cancer), women need to monitor their continuing breast health. The earlier a problem is detected, the higher the likelihood of successful action to arrest the progression of the disease. Research has shown that Breast Thermography can identify breast health problems up to 10 years before a noticeable cancerous growth appears and is therefore a vital tool in the fight against the horror of breast cancer.

Please explore our website to learn more about InfraMed and what we can do for you. A detailed overview of the science behind thermography is located here and many other queries are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you have any further questions or would like to make an appointment, you can either send us an inquiry here or call us on +63 917 656 9789 (Globe) or +63 928 155 1270 (Smart).

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InfraMed is a certified member of the International Academy of Clinical Thermography based in the USA